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Nearly 2 million Illinois citizens go hungry every day. 700,000 of them are children and they reside in every county in the state. The resulting food insecurity is primarily the result of an insanely wasteful industrial food system. 


jaiFRC was created as a reaction to this reality and a local initiate to help alleviate some of the social and environmental impact and effects.


jaiFRC searches for, rescues & delivers fresh perfectly edible surplus from commercial retail outlets to food pantries & shelters throughout Northern Illinois. It disrupts the food waste cycle by redirecting and delivering rescued food into a network of local partnerships that in turn provide meal assistance to thousands of Illinois citizens. 

jaiFRC lends much needed support & stability to local social safety net organizations devoted to serving food-insecure citizens and communities. 


Volunteerism, community engagement, social activism, humanism and environmental stewardship underscore the foundational elements of the jaiFRC vision. 

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We search for and rescue produce & other perishible/non-perishable grocery items from our network of retail food donors.

We transport the rescued items using industry established food handling standards.

We deliver the food at no cost into our recipient network who then sort & distribute the food.

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